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Core Values at Zion

Our Core Values

Core Values are positive and predictable behavior patterns that can reasonably be expected for all members of our congregation to model, both intentionally and spontaneously, in daily life. Below (and in the above graphic) are our core values (in bold type) and their related descriptions.

  • Spirituality--Prayer, Worshipping Together, Personal Devotions, Spiritual Growth and Sharing
  • Servanthood-Outreach, Think of Others First, Compassion, Love, Serving Others Anytime, Anywhere
  • Joy-Praise and Thanksgiving, Hope, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Sense of Humor
  • Community--Acceptance, Flexibility, Trust, Respect, Communication, Diversity, Forgiveness
  • Commitment--Eager Participation, Generous Giving, Integrity, Stewardship
  • Leadership Development-Recognizing, Encouraging, Developing, Supporting, and Training Current and Potential Leaders for Responsible Service.