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Looking for a great way to learn from God every day? Try Scriptural Journalling. Here's how...

Daily Devotions

My daily devotional life for the past several years has involved what is called "Scriptural Journalling." Basically, instead of spending time reading about what other people have to say about the Bible, Scriptural Journalling is a way to let God speak directly to us through the Bible. Anyone can do it. Here's how it works.

1) Select any Daily Bible Reading Plan (here's mine).

2) Use SOAP. (an acronym explained below)

S=Scripture. Read a chapter or two of Scripture from your daily Bible Reading Plan. Then write down, word for word, a verse or two out of your day's Bible reading that particularly caught your attention.

O=Observation. Write down what you noticed from the verse. Example: "the writer seemed angry" or "the verse seems very loving" or "this verse is hard to understand."

A=Application. Write down what comes to your mind after reading this verse. How does it seem to relate to your life?

P=Prayer. Write down a simple prayer, based on what you learned or wondered after today's readings.

Here's the Bible Reading Plan that I use. It amounts to about 4 chapters per day, but you could choose to simply read part of each day's readings if that works better for you. This plan gets me through the entire Old Testament once each year and the New Testament twice each year. It takes me about 10-20 minutes to read the lessons and another 10-20 minutes to write down my reflections on the readings and pray. Enjoy...

Click here for sample entry. Or, if you'd like to read my daily (almost!) devotional reflections, feel free to follow my blog or 'like' my related Facebook page " Fit Under The Collar" which offers links to these daily devotions as well as practical tips on exercise and nutrition.

In Christ,

Pastor Kent