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Bateman "Good Shepherd" Recognition

John, Sharon, and Mandy Bateman have been enthusiastic and tireless servants of God through Zion. At a surprise celebration on Thanksgiving weekend, we honored them for their service with our "Good Shepherd" award. Below are some pics and captions from the celebration.


As gag gifts, they each received special "hats" that reflect a portion of their service. John's hat has a light on the bill symbolizing all the crawling around he's done to run cables for tech equipment or otherwise help with property issues. Sharon received a "Cook Extraordinaire" hat symbolizing the many meals she has prepared or help prepare.


Mandy is an important part of this trio who can always be counted on for an enthusiastic smile and persistent reminders of what needs done.


One special joy of the surprise celebration was being able to pull it off on a weekend when the Bateman's children, spouses, and grandchildren were able to be present.


This picture of the church (along with the banner or recognition imbedded within it) was made into an 18" X 24" puzzle as a gift. The Bateman's enjoy putting puzzles together and we thought this might make a nice momento from Zion when they eventually move to Florida. They also received a very nice clock engraved with a note of thanksgiving for their service.