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Between the Weekends Sign-Up

"Between the Weekends" is a new e-mail series by Pastor Kent that members and friends of Zion are welcome to "opt in" to receiving. Upcoming messages include:

  • How to Love the Person you Don't Like
  • How to Prioritize your Time and Energy when your Batteries are Running Low
  • Caring for the Whole Person
  • How to Be Fit Without Worshipping your Body
  • How EGO Edges God Out
  • and much more...

There are two easy steps for signing up.

FIRST, click HERE to sign up with your name and e-mail addess.

SECOND, watch your e-mail (and possibly your junk-mail folder) for a confirmation e-mail with a link inside that you must click to confirm your interest in this series (this prevents SPAM e-mails and also gives you the opportunity to opt-out at any time).

That's it. Click HERE to sign up today!