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Dresses for Uganda


Last winter/early spring a simple challenge was issued to the people of Zion--let's make dresses out of pillow-cases for girls in Africa.

Why? Because a neighbor of a member was going to be making a mission trip to the African country of Uganda this summer and wanted to take some dresses for the young girls.

It didn't take long to rally the Zion faithful.

First we collected pillow-cases and other material from which simple dresses could be made. Then the seamsters of Zion got to work! By the time the needles had cooled down, over 150 dresses were ready for delivery!

Zion's Child-care ministry got involved too, donating underwear to go along with the dresses.

Well, summer is finally here and the attached pic is the first to show a couple of the dresses already in use!

Great job Zion!