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Special Congregation Meeting on August 19th

Special Congregational Meeting Set for August 19th

Following the 10:45 service on August 19th (around noon) there will be a special congregational meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to seek congregational approval to enter into a contract for the re-sealing and re-striping of the parking lot at a cost not to exceed $9500.00. The lowest of the bids we received (from Fritchie Asphalt and Paving Co.) was just over $8600.00 and we anticipate that being the actual price of the project. The requested allotment of up to $9500.00 is simply to allow cushion for any unforeseen related expenses. It should be noted that the other bid we received was for $9315.00.

Background Information related to resealing the parking lot:

You may remember that at the Spring Congregational meeting it was suggested that we could perhaps reseal and restripe the parking lot using members of the congregation for labor. Since that time it was discovered that the cost of materials alone would cost approximately $7,222.43. In addition, since our facility is used seven days/week, the ability to get the entire job done relatively quickly is an important factor. Therefore the Building and Property Committee strongly recommended having the job done professionally.

As of this writing we have received donations for this project totaling $3480.00 which leaves approximately $5130 yet to be provided to cover the low bid of approximately $8600.00. Additional donations are requested, but we do have sufficient funds in the Capital Maintenance Fund to cover the difference if needed.

If you have questions related to this project, feel free to contact Connie Glancy at: 419-303-3137.